Do You Believe Things Happen For A Reason?

why things happen

We are all different in the way we see things and how we respond to things. An event that happens to me might have a totally different outcome if it were to happen to you!

I came across this thought provoking video and wanted to share it with you – whether you believe things happen for a reason or not I am sure you will take away something valuable from this video.

We are constantly changing and are shaped by the world around us. Our thoughts, those we come into contact with, our actions and those of others – everything has an impact.

I firmly believe that things happen for a reason – whether to teach us something, to enable us to become stronger or perhaps the opposite – so that we might understand and have compassion for others.

Who better to help someone than a person who has gone through it themselves.

As marketers who provide information to help others accomplish something important to them is it pure chance when someone visits your site and signs up to your list?

We could say yes – they found your site through the search engines so Google brought them to your site – and that would be true! But perhaps there is more to it than that?

On numerous occasions I have received feedback from subscribers with similar remarks of, “your email/post came at just the right time”. I’m humbled when I read those emails and grateful that I am able to play a small part in helping them.

What an honor!

If you haven’t yet thought about or started creating your own products to help others then let me challenge you to do so. You could be the person that someone else is looking for to change their lives for the better – because of what you know.

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