Imagine This – Is It Really Possible

I came across one of William Arthur Wards quotes the other day:

if you can imagine it, you can achieve it….

if you can dream it, you can become it”

What does that conjure up in your mind?

You know, unless you imagine or dream something – you really aren’t in a position to create it. It would be like trying create nothing! How can you possibly create something when it doesn’t first exist with your mind?

This is why I believe that you need to have a vision of what your ideal online business might look like. It gives you something to work towards – a real goal.

Fishing Net? Think Again!

When you think back to Henry Ford – he imagined the finished car and never gave up or at least he didn’t let his designers give up until they had achieved what at first had seemed something impossible.

He believed he was right and didn’t give up until he proved it!

Perhaps you have lost your dream or are feeling that it is just never going to happen. Your business isn’t growing as you thought it would or you can’t seem to focus on what is important anymore.

Today could be the start of a new chapter in your journey – if you want it to be.

We have a choice.

Focus on what might have been…

Or channel that energy into something constructive and take some action to move towards that dream of yours.

Take some time today and let your imagination take you to the place you have always dreamed of. Feel the emotion of it and I am convinced it will spur you on to start getting things done – small little steps taking you to your desired goal.

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