Staying Focused And Being 100% Present Here And Now


Here is a video I produced about a recent walk I took where I was planning to remain mindful throughout. It didn’t quite work out that way! 🙂

It is a typical demonstration of how we so often get distracted by our thoughts and miss out on what is going on around us. The book I refer to in the video is Unhypnosis: How to wake up, start over and create the life you’re meant to live by Steve Taubman.

In this book there is reference made to being mindful and living in the moment which I was trying to practice! It is a very interesting and inspiring read and although there are a few things that I personally do not agree with, I would recommend it if you find the concept of living in a hypnotized state intriguing!

When you live 100% present in the ‘now’ you really do appreciate things a lot more. Have a go yourself and I’m sure you will notice many things that perhaps you have taken for granted but really do value.

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