What You Do Today Has An Impact On Tomorrow

giving to others

Everything that we do has an impact not just in our own lives but also the lives of others.

If we only knew how our actions might influence the future I am sure we would be much more careful. I came across this video that speaks volumes about how our actions can have a profound effect on the lives of others and also our own lives further on down the road.


Often you will hear of marketers suggesting that you shouldn’t give away too much for free. Personally I have found that the more I give and offer help to others the more I receive in return.

I believe this is the difference between having a business whereby you genuinely want to help others and one that is focused purely on generating money.

Ask any successful business person and they will without fail state that one of the things that drives them is the desire to help others in some way or another.

It could be that they help others with the products or services they offer or maybe they are able to help others by using the money that they earn for worthy causes.

What’s driving you?


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