Creating An Author Account For Your Kindle Books

author central

If you have published your Kindle book then it is time to set up your Author page. Setting up an author page for your kindle publications means creating an account at Author Central. I found that in your kindle publishing account there is no obvious link to Author Central so I actually went to the help button and typed it in.

I was redirected to this page:

author central

  • You have to create a new account. Use the same login details as your Kindle publishing account. You will need to agree to some terms and conditions.
  • You will then be asked if you are the author of some books that they show you based on your account name. If you are using a pen name rather than your real one then you need to make sure that the Author Page you set up is for the right book! Keep clicking on the “this is not me” button until it comes to your Kindle book. (I expect that you will need to have a book already published on Kindle in order to create your Author page so make sure that you publish one first).
  • Here is the screen that you will see as you look for your kindle book to identify yourself as the right Author.

accepting author

  • You will click on the button to the right to confirm that this is the book that you are the Author of.
  • You will be sent an email confirmation to make sure that you are the person you are wanting to claim authorship to. Just click on the link in that email and it will be set up for you.

author confirmationNow you can go to the Author Central and create your page.

Creating Your Author Page

This is what you will need:

  • Description of yourself
  • Link to your website or blog RSS feed (optional but recommended)
  • Photo of yourself
  • Links to social media sites (optional)

You will see a list of your Kindle books on your Author page.

When you come to save your author page you can ask for a unique URL that Amazon will create as a link for people to go to visit your author page. This is a good idea. If you are lucky then you might find there no one else with the same name as you has taken the ideal URL which will have your name on the end of it.

So that you understand this here is a link to my author page:

You can see that my name has been added to the author URL. If your name is already taken then you will be given another URL.

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