Geoff Shaw Kindle Course Review

Geoff shaw kindling review

I have heard a lot of good things about Geoff Shaws Kindling course and have been meaning to purchase it. The idea of publishing kindle books has always been in the back of my mind but until now I hadn’t got around to doing anything about it.

It would seem that publishing on Kindle is becoming more and more effective as a means to make some money but also to build your list of subscribers.

If you have been thinking about starting your own Kindle publishing project then do join me as I begin my own journey! Today I purchased Kindling and here are my first impressions.

Kindling By Geoff Shaw

I logged in to the membership site to find LOADS of information. Here is a quick break down of all the material.

Updates – updates are added as and when required. This is on going.

FAQ – Lots of questions answered. I had a few questions myself and found them answered in this section.

Success Stories – At the moment there are 4 success stories that you can look up to see how other people have produced great results.

Home – in this section you learn general information about the kindle market,  co-authoring, sales and research.

Where To Start – this is really where you start the course as a beginner.

Formatting – there is a huge amount of help on formatting your Kindle which is something I have heard people really struggle with.

Author Training – this section is about creating your author image and using pen names.

Categories – finding out about categories and how to use them.

Fiction – how to go about writing fiction that sells. Planning and promoting it.

Non Fiction – this training goes into detail about writing summary books and provides a template too.

Other Specific Topics – there is also training on writing romance/erotica, childrens stories, episodic books, recipes and tricktion.

Ranking – this is training on how to get ranked and get in the best seller list.

Promotion – lots of advice on how to promote your Kindle effectively.

Branding – the importance of branding your covers and creating them.

Outsourcing – all you need to know about outsourcing your writing if you want to.

Copy Success – a look at successful Kindle publishers and what they are doing right and wrong.

Then there are a few extra sections for Kindling 2 – which I guess is an update to the original version. It includes twitter, facebook and blogs – I will need to spend some time finding out exactly what it entails.

And there is plenty more too under a “various” section, how not to get slapped and a couple of sections about Marshall Software – this is a tool that helps you to write fiction. It costs about $150 and Geoff recommends it. He does some training based on people having purchased this software. I’ll have to see if this is something worth getting later on.

So needless to say there is lots of help here. No wonder other people have said that this course was so comprehensive.

Also Geoff has committed to updating this course and considering you purchase one time life membership you can be assured of continued support and additions as things change in the Kindle market. That is really important because often courses are not updated and you end up needing to purchase another one when things on the internet change as they often do.

So for $97 I think that’s a great price.

The other thing that immediately caught my eye was the affiliate program – I went to sign up because if I use a tool and it’s good then why waste an opportunity to earn money by recommending something that’s useful to others. It makes business sense.

Only people who purchase the course and or personally known to Geoff are allowed to promote it. This means that you can be sure of a real review when someone promotes it.

This tells me that Geoff has integrity and he has gained my respect.

Anyway the course.

There is so much stuff there that I will need to write other blog posts about the course and of my own progress as I publish on kindle.

The Introduction Message

Here is the screen shot of the welcome page by the way.

Geoff shaw kindling review

Again I’m impressed.

When you listen to the welcome audio (just a few minutes long) straight away Geoff makes it clear that you are responsible for your own results. You need to take action. You can learn as much as you like but if you don’t take action and actually do something then you won’t see results.

Avoid Losers!

There is then another short audio about avoiding loser comments! Basically Kindle will make you money if you take the steps you need to – don’t be discouraged by negative comments by those who don’t bother to DO!

Geoff then gives you an example of earnings from one of his Kindle books and answers some questions about:

* Book length – needs to be as long as it needs to be to deliver. Create good quality.

* Cover image – branding your author name, using a consistent font. Your images must stand out as people scroll through.

* Quality Sells – make sure that you write good quality.

* Publishing On Kindle – you are not allowed to publish the same book anywhere else.

So that’s just a first glimpse.

Why I Am Going To Use Kindle?

Some of you might be wondering why I am now going to publish on Kindle. Well there are a couple of reasons.

I enjoy writing – I write articles and ebooks already so it seems silly not to write kindles. I have written a few childrens books in the past that I have never published but might well do on Kindle as more and more children are using Kindle now.

Also my father in law (currently aged 83) has written many poems and stories that deserve a bigger audience. I want to be able to publish them on Kindle for him.

So what about you? Will join me and start your journey into the world of Kindle?

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