Handy Tool For Kindle Authors – Visualize Items Bought

amazon purchase visualization tool

I came across this handy tool that will show you at a glance what items people are buying on Amazon based on your own search criteria.

You know the feature in Amazon that shows you “what other books/items customers bought” well this tool will show you that data and how all those purchases connect together.

The site with this tool is https://www.yasiv.com/. – it is free to use BUT please note that any links you click on are tagged with an amazon affiliate tag so should you make any purchases then the owner of this site will make a commission. There is a disclaimer on the site and I guess it is fair enough since they are providing this tool for free! Just thought I should mention it though. 🙂

This is a great tool for researching kindle book ideas.

Using this tool will show you very quickly the popularity of books bought and the footprint of purchases made. It is extremely interesting!

Here is a video from the website showing you what you can see:

This is fairly new by the look of it and the owner states that it is in the early stages of development so we can hope that it proves popular and some more handy features arrive in the future!

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