How To Use Twitter To Market Your Online Business

Twitter marketing for business

I have written a kindle book about how to use twitter more effectively to market any online business and really increase your visibility and reputation.

Twitter is an ideal tool to update people about what is going on in your own business but also as a resource for things related to your business as well. This means tweeting other peoples tweets and website updates as well as your own.

When you begin to use twitter in this way you can dramatically improve your overall reach as others start tweeting your tweets to their followers.

How To Market Your Online Information Business By Harnessing The Power Of Twitter: Setting Up & Optimizing Your Twitter Exposure

Twitter marketing for business

If you are new to twitter then this kindle book will show you how to set up your account for the purpose of promoting your business brand.

If you already have a twitter account and want to learn how to get the most out of it and really understand how to reach more people then this book will show you how to do that and which free tools to use.

The bulk of this book is about optimizing your twitter presence, automating it as much as possible whist keeping within the strict twitter guidelines.


Here are just some of the things you will learn:



  • How to set up Twitter for the purpose of increasing your online business visibility
  • Who to follow and where to find real influencers who will help promote your tweets
  • How to schedule your tweets for a worldwide audience to increase your impact
  • Understand how to make the most out of Twitter lists – both your own and others
  • Tools to analysis and optimize your Twitter presence
  • Discover a free tool to set up automatic tweets of your old blog posts
  • Finally get to grips with hashtags and how to use them to enhance rather than annoy
  • Using trends to explode your traffic
  • Plus plenty more tips and tricks for maximizing your online brand impact.

I am running a free promotion for this kindle book:

24th Sept – 28th Sept 2014

If you would like to obtain a free copy then please do so. Any feedback and reviews would as always be gratefully received.

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