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If you have an Amazon account then you are already signed up for Kindle Direct Publishing automatically. So you just need to log in with your usual login details.

Here is the link to log in or sign up to Kindle Publishing

I live in the UK and so I logged in using my UK Amazon account details so what I found interesting was that the log in address is in fact USA address (rather than

By the way I asked Geoff (Kindling) whether I should sign up using my UK account or a USA account and he recommended that I sign up from my home country because you are able to promote your Kindle in any country when you submit it.

Here is the sign up page:

kindle publishing

I did a test and signed up using my UK account and my USA account to see if there was any difference. There wasn’t. The details that you need to fill in are exactly the same. You are asked which country you are in so I don’t really think it matters which account you use but I have used and entered the full details of my UK account to keep things consistent.

What Information You Need To Sign Up

  • Your name or company name
  • Your address
  • Your bank details
  • Your payment preferences for each country

Until you have completed this part you will not be able to upload any Kindle.

By default I will be paid by check (cheque) with the minimum payout being $100/£100. This is probably because I am in the UK. If you have an American bank account then you can be paid electronically when you reach $10.

This is the same as the Amazon associate program so I’m used to that.

So I’m all signed up and ready to go and publish my first Kindle which I have decided will be about irritable bowel syndrome – a personal account of my own diagnosis.

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  • There aren’t really any action steps for this post but if you are thinking about publishing on Kindle then make that decision and start to do something about it! You could join me and go through the Kindling course too!




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