Useful Amazon Links For Kindle Book Research

When researching for ideas for your kindle books I have found that trying to find certain links within Amazon is actually quite difficult!

Links such as the bestseller list for a certain categories can take a while to find! The problem with the Amazon search bar is that it should be used for searching out products rather than searching for pages!

Therefore I have put together some useful links for you to use to make it much easier and quicker. If you bookmark this page then you will have all the link for future reference.

Once in a bestseller category you can then easily drill down to a subcategory if you need to. I’ve just included the main ones. Also if you want to see the Top 100 Free Kindle Books then you can just click on the link when you get to that page – as shown in this image below:

top 100 free kindle books

[table id=12 /]

If you haven’t already, you will notice that the categories for Amazon UK and Amazon US are slightly different. Also there are more interesting lists within Amazon US.

I am hoping that one day it will be the same since it is a problem for UK authors in terms of specifying categories for kindle books!

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