Websites To Promote Your Free Kindle Book Promotions

I have listed all the sites that you can use to promote your kindle book when you create a free promotion. Some of these sites allow you to promote paid kindle books as well but usually there is a fee involved.

I shall update this list as and when I find new sites or notice that old ones no longer exist for this purpose. If you are at a loss to know where to start I would recommended beginning with the website Author Marketing Club.

While not exclusively for free KDP promotions, I would like to mention a site that encourages authors to promote their book by writing a guest article. This is another effective method for promoting your books for free. You can find out more by visiting:


When promoting on Twitter and Google Plus remember to make the best use of hastags because this will help people who are searching to find your promotion.

Here are some useful ones to use:

  • #eBook
  • #BookGiveaway
  • #Kindle
  • #KindleBargain
  • #FreeKindleReads
  • #FreeKindlebooks
  • #freekindle
  • #freebook
  • #FreeKindleBook
  • #ReadThis
  • #authorshelpingauthors

Twitter Users

Facebook Groups

Google Plus Communities

Other Useful Websites,97167.0/ (Paid site)

Remember that you should always check the rules for any posting group.

If you would like to check another website with more free and paid book promotion sites then visit The Founder, Ricardo, sent me an email to let me know about some broken links in my list (thank you!) and also about his site – this is what he said “We went for a highly curated approach and a tiered ranking based on how useful each site can be.” Sounds good to me!

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  1. Zoe Moor says:

    Here’s another place where you can promote your book for free

  2. Catherine says:

    Please add our Submit page – we post free ebooks at no charge:

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    For free or $5 paid book promotions. Please add our site to your list.

    Thank you!

    Our Twitter handle is –

  4. Books Butterfly says:

    Hi Kay

    thanks for sharing this list.

    Could you please add our site to your list. We do paid promotions for free books and paid books.



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  6. Hey… Great list you have here!

    Could you add Reading Deals to your list?

    Our submit page is here:

    Thanks so much!

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