You Can Promote Your Own Kindle Book With Your Affiliate Link

Kindle book promotion

Did you know that you can actually earn more revenue for your kindle books by using your own Amazon associate affiliate link when promoting it?

This is what it says in Kindle Direct Publishing when asked about promoting and marketing your book:

KDP affiliate links

And also:

KDP affiliate links

So you can use your own affiliate link ID tag to link to your own kindle book!

Therefore sign up with Amazon to become an affiliate (click here or here) and then use their widgets to put one on your website showcasing your own kindle books. Your affiliate tag with be added to the link to your kindle book and if anyone buys your books from your website you will earn both kindle royalties and affiliate commission.

Not a lot I know, but over time this adds up!

Can I Use Affiliate Links to Promote Inside My Kindle Book?

This is where you need to be careful.

The terms of the Amazon associates program is that you can only promote your affiliate link on a website that you own and has the associate disclaimer on.

This means that you can’t use amazon affiliate links inside your kindle book – for anything. Some people do and I have even watched some video training that tells you to do so!

By the way I am not referring to Geoffs Kindling Training program – he tells you the truth!

However, you can use affiliate links that aren’t amazon links – so clickbank, JVZoo or any other affiliate program (read their terms just in case).

If you really want to promote other products from Amazon then I suggest you do the same as I have suggested before when discussing Amazon promotion in email campaigns. Create a page on your website that reviews the product and then you can link to that page and be within the Amazon associates guidelines.

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