Setting up a seperate squeeze page to drive traffic to my site

Are you driving traffic to your squeeze page or your website?

What should you do?

Well, I believe you need to send traffic to a squeeze page so that you have an opportunity to build your subscriber list. So the squeeze page offers something that your target audience will find valuable and they sign up to your email list to receive that offer.

You leverage the traffic you get – instead of having to rely on visitors coming back to your website again and again you build a list so that YOU control that traffic and then you can send them to your website again and again.

You might send them to a sales page, a blog post, a video or some other content you have. You develop a good relationship with them so that they begin to trust you and see you as someone who is able to help them out in some way.

How To Create A Squeeze Page Using a WordPress Theme

If you use WordPress then there is an easy solution to creating your squeeze page.

(Disclaimer – I am not the owner of this theme and therefore can not be held accountable for any changes that might occur to it in the future)

This is a single column WordPress theme that you can easily use to create your squeeze page.

Since this is a WordPress theme you need to use it with a new website – you can’t use your existing site or blog because you will already be using a specific theme for that site.

Instead of purchasing a brand new domain you can create a sub domain to your existing one – if you have that function available in your hosting account.

So create a sub domain and call it something like:

How to create a sub domain in Hostgator

(link to hostgator help page)

Now you can upload the squeeze page theme to your new sub domain site.

Creating A New Squeeze Page

Create a new page for each squeeze page – don’t create a post.

You might want to use a disable comments plugin:

Disable comments plugin

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