Results Of My First JV Giveaway

JV giveaway

JV giveawayWell I am really pleased with my first JV Giveaway. I got a total of 42 sign ups! I think that is really good seeing as my gift was on page 16!

So as a free member where my gift was not promoted in any way I am very pleased with the resutls. What do you think?

I shall continue to join giveaway events and will upgrade to a paid member in future.

Freebie Seekers?

I have waited before writing my results as I wanted to see whether people would unsubscribe straight away because I know a few people have found this to be the case with Giveaways.

Well out of the 42 who signed up to receive my free gift only 2 have unsubscribed. I think thats great going. 🙂

What Now?

I am in the process of testing out other listbuilding methods such as Solo Ads and Ad Swaps as well as some others. Tracking results and tweaking to see the best way to do it. Its fun actually! I’m enjoying it. Just as well……lol


6 Comments on “Results Of My First JV Giveaway”

  1. Hi Kay,

    Thats really interesting. Always thought subscribers to giveaways were there only for the freebies. Must give it a try. Am keen to know about your other list building efforts. Please let us know how the solo ads and ad swaps go 🙂


    1. Yes. They do want freebies but if you use a viral report as your freebie then other people start building your list and reputation for you!

      I have good results with JV giveaways so far. Fortunately I had an offer of a solo ad with another very successful marketer and his list was very responsive – or maybe my gift was awesome 🙂

      Hows it going with you?

  2. Hi Kay,

    Long time no see, it looks like you’ve gone ahead leaps and bounds with your business, great stuff. I’ve been a bit behind the eight ball lately lol, I thought I’d pay you a visit to see how things were getting on.

    All the best

    1. Thanks Nathan. I am busy writing a 12 week course on listbuilding. Keeping my head down! I left a comment on your site but it removed the important bit. Please delete my comment as it looks like spam now. I was saying that the keyword winner plugin looked really good although I would be careful with the tagging option as the penguin update cracked down on this.

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