The Blacklist Feature in GetResponse


I have been getting sign ups to some of my email campaigns by the same person again and again. Basically spamming my autoresponder sign up form with variations of an email address.

This is certainly new to me! Is this the next wave of spammers?

Basically the email address is like this:


The person has at least 4 email addresses that all read the same except for the numbers after the name are different.

Fraudulent Sign Up

The first time this person signed up to my list using a form that they should not have available to them unless payment had been made for a particular product. I sent them an email to question their access and can you believe it they replied with a spam advertising email!

I immediately deleted them from my campaign.

Second SignUp

The next day they signed up to a different free campaign. I know it is the same person because of the email address. This time I was cross and so I decided to blacklist them from my autoresponder. I blacklisted both email addresses.

Third SignUp

Then the same day they signed up again using another version of their email address! So I decided I would totally blacklist that particular email provider.

If you use GetResponse then this is how you do it:

1. Click on the contacts tab

2. Click on blacklist

3. Click the “add to blacklist” button

4. You will then have a text box where you can add the email address. If you want to blacklist a particular provider then you need to add the following:


This means that anyone signing up using that provider or domain name will not receive any autoresponder messages or newsletters (if you select global blacklist).

5. When you have added the email details click the blue “add to blacklist” button

That’s it! Done!


You won’t believe it but they signed up to another paid campaign (without paying). I contacted GetResponse and I am going to share this with you as I want people everywhere to know about this.

There is a way for hackers to mask their email address so that you blacklist the wrong spelling of it! can be masked as therefore if you copy and paste the email address into the blacklist feature it won’t work because the “l” is actually an “i”!

My husband has just reminded me not to take things personally! If someone wants to get stuff without paying for it then they will find a way. I hope that they use my training and actually start an honest business.

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