Using IBOToolBox For Listbuilding

Have you heard of IBOToolBox? I joined it a while ago and forgot about it. Then the other they sent me an email to say they noticed I hadn’t logged in for ages and so were offering me 100 free advertising clicks if I logged in!

So I logged in and decided to have a look around to see what it was actually about.

I am impressed so far!

Here’s some of what you can do:

  • Create a text ad (using credits that build up every time you log in or ‘do’ things on the site)
  • Create banner ads
  • Create press releases on the site
  • Create posts on the wall – a bit like facebook
  • Post comments
  • Be involved in chat room
  • Get facebook application

Basically it is a networking site. It gets you visibility to your business and helps you network with other like minded people. A bit like a facebook group I suppose.

The reason I have written a post telling you about it is because yesterday I set up a text ad and already I have had 6 people subscribe to my list from that ad! It has been seen or viewed 349 times so I have an opt in rate of 2% which is pretty good for a small text ad!

Here’s a screen shot:


 The actual CTR (click through rate) is the rate of people clicking on the ad rather than the rate of opt ins. My CTR is 7% but the actual opt in rate is 2% (so far) and that is of course the rate I am interested in!

If you are interested you can sign up for free here!

2 Comments on “Using IBOToolBox For Listbuilding”

    1. Well done for being in focus mode! Its something to try out when you have some free time. As Tesco says “Every little helps”

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