What is a JV Giveaway?

JV giveaway

OK so I have decided to give you more information about JV giveaway events!

Apparently JV giveaways are very similar to Ad Swaps – I don’t know anything about them but someone reading might which is why I mentioned it! 🙂

JV Giveaways – In Simple Terms

JV giveawayJV stands for Joint Venture. So it is a giveaway event for lots of marketers to join together! The giveaways are freebies available to anyone who comes along to the event!

I suppose its like a retailer hosting a freebie or taster session one Saturday morning. You go along and you get to keep some great freebies PROVIDED you fill in the form with your email address. Does that make it a bit clearer?

So this is what happens:

  1. Someone decides they will host (on their website for example) a giveaway event.
  2. They then invite their fellow marketers to join in the venture by contributing a freebie. If the giveaway event is in the Internet marketing niche then they will invite Internet marketers. The free gift must be relevant to the giveaway event.
  3. These free gifts can be ebooks, videos, reports, audios – basically anything that is digital since it is an online giveaway event.
  4. Each contributor creates their own gift and sends in the information to be approved by the giveaway event host (I’ll detail what is needed in a minute).
  5. All the approved gifts are then displayed on a web page – an ecover of each gift with a description.
  6. People are then invited to the JV giveaway event to come and get some freebies. If they like the look of any free product they can click on the image and download the free gift AFTER filling out their email address (i.e. opt in form)

How Are People Invited To The Giveaway Event?

Free giftsEvery contributor will invite their own subscribers to the event. This can be from their email list, twitter followers, facebook friends, etc.

Whats In It For The Host?

  1. They get huge traffic to their site on the day of the event!
  2. They will offer products or OTO (one time offers) to people who go to the event. They are getting a huge amount of traffic to their own offers for free!
  3. They get to build their own list by the opt in form that people fill out in order to attend the giveaway event!

Whats In It For The Contributor?

  1. IF people like your free gift you get a load of subscribers for free!
  2. The host of the event will usually reward you in some way by offering commissions on any purchases made by people that you have invited along to the event.
  3. You get to see whats on offer too!
  4. Have have the option of upgrading your contributor account to receive more perks such as:
    1. Contribute more than 1 free gift and therefore increase your list building opportunity.
    2. Get your free gifts put in a more prominant position on the website (as ads at the top of pages for example)
    3. Better commission rates (usually 100%)
    4. Some text ads
    5. Add some special offer pages

This post is going on longer than I anticipated so I shall continue another day with the details of what a contributor needs to do to prepare THE RIGHT WAY for the event.

Hope this was useful as a start to understanding these events.


4 Comments on “What is a JV Giveaway?”

  1. Yes Kay I have entered JV giveaways in the past and have found them helpful to a point in building a list fairly fast.

    As you mention your gift needs to be something that people want to download otherwise your list will not grow.

    The downside I discovered to entering these events was

    1) Many of the events require that you promote and get more contributors and/or members to join, and if you don’t manage to this your gift is removed at the beginning of the event. This obviously causes a big problem for people just starting out that have no list to promote to.
    There are however some events that like you to promote but won’t downgrade you if you don’t….so newbies should keep and eye out for them.

    2) From personal experience I have found that if the event is very large and you have joined as a free contributor, your gift will not get much exposure at all and thus you will get few people opt in to your list

    3) The kind of visitors that will come to your squeeze page and download your gift are by the very nature of the event what I would class as “freebie seekers”
    Many will set up free email addresses specifically for the events so that they can download their freebies and then will not check back at that mailbox again
    This of course renders the list you have built useless.

    All that being said, JV Giveaways can be a great way of building your list very quickly if used properly and I am planning to enter some again in the very near future

    I look forward to your future posts on the subject Kay 🙂

    1. Thanks for that information of your experience. I shall see what happens and report it here. Yes I guess the important thing is to make sure your first email responder message is really great so that people wont unsubscribe straight away!

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