Why Do I Need A Squeeze Page? Get Rid Of Distraction

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I see many people asking “why do I need a squeeze page?” I came across a video from Google Analytics that says it all really! It’s all to do with distractions.

I also get asked the question “what converts better a squeeze page or an opt in form on my website?”

Just watch this video and I am sure you will clearly understand why a squeeze page converts better.

Stop Distracting Your Website Visitors

I like the ending – 404 error! 🙂

This video is great because it demonstrates exactly what your website is – it is a virtual shop! Just as we go out to the shops and would get really annoyed with shop assistants distracting us and trying to get us to buy stuff that we really aren’t interested in, it’s the same with your website.

Your website is a virtual shop. People come and visit and have a look around. If you bombard them with too many offers then you totally overwhelm your visitors or even worse annoy them!

Why A Squeeze Page Works

A squeeze page only has one call to action – to sign up to your email list. There are no distractions on that page. People don’t have to scroll down or click on anything.

This is why a squeeze page works. It offers one thing and one action to get it. It has one focus, one aim.

What About Pop Ups?

Now obviously there are times when people visit our website rather than squeeze page so should you even bother with an opt in form?

Well the answer is that yes you should! Never waste an opportunity to offer help to a visitor and have them sign up to your list to get that help. However, and I shall be controversial here – don’t have an opt in box that distracts! Yes I’m talking about those pop ups!

I know that they work (at least I’ve read and seen evidence of them working) I won’t deny that but for me I find them so annoying that I don’t what my website visitors to have to put up with that!

They actually detract from in my opinion.

improve sign upsFor example, you visit a site and read the content there and suddenly a box appears and BLOCKS YOUR VIEW! You can’t carry on reading without removing the box in the way. Sometimes you can’t even remove them – they seem to keep moving as you scroll down the page!

So as far as I am concerned that pop up box has detracted from the content I was reading. It has interrupted the relationship that I was beginning to build with the writer. Gone just like that!

Am I likely to sign up to their list now? I might if the offer in my face is just too good to resist but I shall sign up begrudgingly. Not a good way to start a potential customer relationship is it?

You’ll notice that on your first visit to my website you might see an opt in offer at the bottom of the page. It’s not in your way and doesn’t stop you from reading my content but it’s there and draws your attention to it – respectfully.

You’ll also notice that I have an opportunity for you to sign up to my list at the bottom of each post – a bit like a resource box.

Let me let you in on something…

That ‘resource’ box converts approximately 30 x better than the opt in form you see in the sidebar! Wow! Test it out on your own site and see what happens!

The reason why I believe it is so effective is because it relies on the fact that someone has read through my content and therefore they have begun to connect with me and my style.

Having my offer at that point becomes the obvious next step to take.

What Is Your Aim?

What is the purpose of your website or landing page? You need to have a clear idea of what action you want your visitor to take. In my marketing essentials training program I go into detail about the various call to actions you can have and the importance of knowing exactly what the aim is for every page, post, piece of content you create.

If you don’t know the action you want people to take then your content has no purpose. In fact it becomes easier to create content when you understand what you want it to achieve!

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So what can we take away from this post? Here are my suggestions for you:

  • Create a squeeze page and use it to direct visitors to  – targeted visitors who will want what you have to offer on your squeeze page.
  • Make the most of every opportunity to encourage people to sign up to your list – respectfully! Have an opt in form, use a friendly pop up – use them to enhance what you offer rather than to detract from what you offer.
  • Try adding a resource box at the end of your posts and see is it makes a difference to your opt ins. If you don’t test it for yourself you’ll never know.
  • Remove flashing images and objects from your website that would cause people to become distracted. Unless that is the purpose of your site! What I mean by that is, if you have one offer that you want people to take you up on and using a flashing image promotes that offer then that is your focus – your aim.
  • Get input from friends and family. What do they like about your website and what don’t they like and why not? See if they can work out what your aim is for visitors coming to your virtual shop.

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