marketing essentails

marketing essentails

Stop Wasting Your Time Using Old Internet Marketing Techniques

Build A Real Business And Start Marketing Like The Pros

Do you get fed up of hearing the same old story that you can make loads of money on the internet? But every time you try a new scheme or system it just doesn’t hold true?

You know, I am realizing more and more that the missing piece to making money online is all to do with what people believe.

The Belief That Making Money Online Is Something That You Just “DO”

If you have been involved in any online forum to do with internet marketing then I am sure you are familiar with these kind of questions:

“How long have you been making money online?”
“Can you make money online?”
“What’s the quickest way to start making money online?

Nothing about building a business.
Nothing about having a job.
Nothing about having a career.

Let me tell you a story about John and Tim. By the way, these are not real people but the story could certainly be true. I am sure you will relate to it and perhaps even know people who might play the role of John or Tim!

Introducing John
John is making money online selling a few affiliate products. He works most evenings when he has the time and some months he makes good money while others he doesn’t do so well.
He would like to give up his main job and just make money online but he knows that he can’t rely on what he makes from the internet long term.

Introducing Tim
Tim works full time at home and has an online information business. He started about a year ago but it wasn’t until recently that he was able to give up his day job and work at home full time.
He has worked really hard to get where he is and produces all his own training programs and now coaches some clients.

If you asked Tim what he did for a living what would his answer be?

He would probably tell you that he is self employed and runs an online business.

If you asked John what he did for a living he would probably mention his day time job and add that he wants to make money online but doesn’t think he will be able to earn enough to give up his other job.

Do you see the difference? Tim is building a business whereas John is just making money online.

Making Money Online Only Works If You Build A Real Business Online

So who did you relate to the most? John or Tim?

What kind of an online venture do you actually have at this moment in time?

Let me ask you another question:

Who would you like to relate to the most? Whose business would you like yours to be like?

You see, unless you have the right mindset and decide to build an online business just like the offline companies do then can you honestly say that you are running a business?

Having a business online means that there is a lot more competition than offline. For example, suppose you opened a craft shop in your local high street. If you were the only craft shop there then you wouldn’t have much competition would you?

Now let’s take that and put it online so that you have an online business selling craft products and information.

Suddenly you have loads of competition!

All the other craft websites will be competing for the same target market.

Now, you might be able to take on a slightly different angle and target a more specific group of people but your competition is a lot more visible online.

So how can you compete?

By Marketing On The Internet Like The Real Businesses Do!

But most of the internet marketing training out there is wishy washy and not aimed at those who want to build a real business.

You see, unless you brand yourself, unless you have a clear understanding of what your business stands for, your values and beliefs, then you are just playing at it.

If you are serious about making your online venture work and making the effort to build a business that can compete in today’s market then you need my “Marketing Essentials” training.

I did think about calling it advanced marketing because that is what my training program is but at the end of the day I believe that it is essential learning if you are going to be able to market yourself effectively on the internet.

Hence Marketing Essentials!

I have implemented what I teach with my own online business and have seen my results dramatically increase.

More subscribers, more sales, more trust.

But more than that, I now feel much more proud of my business. I’m building my own brand.

How would you feel if you had your own brand?

You see, there are so many people out there just playing at making money online that if you implement what I teach, you will automatically jump ahead of the majority and be in a position to compete with the top marketers in your niche!

So I’ve created this training program so that you can learn from me just how you can do the same with your online business.

Step by step easy instructions for building your own business brand and being able to stand out against your competition by marketing the right way.

Let me ask you…how would it FEEL to be able to tell your friends and family that you have a real business brand! Your very own!

Imagine how confident and proud you would feel!

And of course how would that impact your sales and online reputation if in just a few months you had an established online presence spreading your own brand message?

It This What You Dream Of Having?

Don’t leave it as a dream, let it become a reality by going through my training program and implementing all the steps I teach you.

I will literally take you by the hand, and give you, step by step, my exact formula for building a branded business so that you can market just like the pros.

Wouldn’t that feel great?

So what will I be teaching you?

I am going to specifically teach you:

  • Why you need to create your own brand
  • The components of building a brand
  • How to communicate your brand effectively
  • How to build trusting relationships
  • Defining the purpose of your communication
  • How trust and pricing are related
  • How to test your market
  • How to sell and increase sales
  • How to create your branded website
  • How to market a real business on the internet
  • Building an online presence with content

All you need to stand out and become a real threat to your competitors.

Perhaps you’re thinking – it sounds great but won’t it be the same as all the other training about internet marketing?

I can understand why you might be sceptical but let me state that this training is based on offline business models. I have done the hard work for you in that I have related everything to the internet marketing world.

So you will be learning how real offline business go about branding and marketing effectively and how you can use those techniques in your online business.

Nothing wishy washy.

What you get:

  • Over 5 hours of easy to follow training
  • The benefits of having a branded business
  • Step by step how to go about branding your existing business really quickly
  • How to correctly market your business
  • Ways to brand your website design
  • How to sell like the professionals do
  • How to increase sales just like offline businesses do
  • How to build trust and rapport with prospects quickly
  • Why marketing is more about building relationships than anything

and more!

And, because I’m determined for you to succeed I’ve added my unique resource materials for you to print out and use along side my audio trainings…

Bonus Material!

bonus 1

workbook coverTo really help you understand my training I have created a topic learning workbook for you to use as you listen to my training. Inside your workbook you will find all the key learning points as well as extra advice and tips.

You will be able to take your own notes and add them at the appropriate place in your workbook.

As you go through the training I have added crucial steps that you need to understand and complete and you will see these box sections throughout your workbook. Answer these questions and easily create your own plan of action.

This workbook will really empower you to move forwards faster, to start building a professional online business.

Every task is broken down into simple steps and you will see at a glance what you need to do or work on. It makes building your own marketing campaign a really easy process! You’ll experience a huge sense of accomplishment and confidence as you finish one simple step and proceed onto the next one.

bonus 2

check sheetI want you to know exactly what you need to do and for you to know exactly what stage you are at – at a glance. Seeing your own progress will really help you to stay motivated and succeed.

My check sheet will take you through everything step by step so that you complete every task in the correct order.

And every tick represents another step closer to your ultimate goal of building your own branded business!

bonus 3


Some times seeing things visually can help to cement what needs to be done in your mind. My visual roadmap will enable you to see your whole project at a glance.

Print it out and stick it on your wall so that you can see just how far you’ve come in such a short time.

Stay motivated by the sight of your progress and you’ll soon complete each step far faster than you thought possible.


So, are you ready to take that leap and become a real professional online?

Do you want a business that you can be proud of and be able to say the same as Tim:

“I am self employed and I run a successful online business”

If so download a copy of my new training TODAY

The reason is that every day you put off building a real brand and learning how to market professionally – you are just playing at making money.

You see, if you had a branded website, a brand message, a solid reputation, your own set of brand values, your own marketing message, your own unique selling point in place right now – you would be making a whole lot more money online, wouldn’t you?

I want you to start building a real business for yourself quickly and you can by following my marketing essentials training.

So what’s my price for this entire package – a complete branding and marketing system with step by step instructions and valuable resources for creating a professional online marketing campaign?

discount price deals

Discount Price Deal: $47

Offer Price: $77 Saving You: $30 (39%)

The truth is, either you know that this can revolutionize your business and turn it into something that will provide you with a full time sustainable income…or you don’t.

Go ahead, get it now:


Plus You’re Backed By My 100% Money-Back Guarantee

P.S. If you want to get ahead and start marketing like the pros then you need my training program.

Don’t be fooled by the claims that you can follow the old internet marketing strategies – they don’t work like they used to.

You need to differentiate yourself to see success.

If you know deep down that you are lacking and need to do something about it then click the secure paypal link below and buy it today: