Adding a Bio box at the end of your posts

wp biographia settings

Dave asked me how I put my “About Kay Franklin” box at the end of my posts so I thought I would write a post to describe it in case anyone else is interested. I shall have a go at adding screen shots so that hopefully it will be easy to understand to newbies.

I am using a free plugin to do this called WP Biographia – this is the link –

You can either download the plugin to your computer and then upload it to your wordpress blog using FTP program or if you want to upload it in a more straight forward way then:

1. In your wordpress dashboard hover your mouse over Plugins on the LHS and then click on add new.

Add new plugin

2. Then search for WP Biographia – when you use the search facility here, I have found that you have to be precise in the name of the plugin you want or it will come up with lots of suggestions and you then have to hunt for it! I find that annoying :-).

Add WP biographia3. You then install it (you will see in the diagram above that mine is already installed) and once installed activate it.

4. The information that you want to be seen in your bio box is taken from whatever you write in your user profile. So go to your profile settings.

your profile5. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will see the About Yourself section. In the Biographical Info box write your bio or whatever you would like in your bio box. You’ll also see below this a section called Biography Box. Here you can click if you don’t want your bio box shown on posts or pages. I have set mine to only show on posts but thats just my personal preference.

6. Don’t forget to click the blue Update Profile button after you have done this.

7. You’ll then want to have a look at the settings for the plugin.

wp biographia settings

                • Display – these are straight forward and to do with where to show your bio.
                • Admin – if you are the only person who creates content on your blog then you don’t need to change any of this. This is for people for maybe have other people who contribute to their blog and therefore want to create a bio box for them.
                • Exclusions – here you can specifiy specific posts or categories that you don’t want your bio box showing on.
                • Style – this is for changing the color of the background of the bio box and the type of border you want.
                • Content – here you add your title to the box, if you want an image to show and any social websites you belong to like twitter and facebook. If you want to show these on your bio box then you will need to add the relevant url in your profile settings (see 4 above). You can also add links to other posts on your site here if you want to.
                • Defaults – you can reset all the settings here.

Thats it. I hope this makes sense and is helpful. If there is anything not clear then leave a comment and I’ll change it.

18 Comments on “Adding a Bio box at the end of your posts”

  1. Hi Kay
    Many thanks for answering my question so fully. I have installed the WP Biographia plug-in. and I must say that your step-by-step instructions made it very easy to do. Thank you once again. You are a star!

  2. Hi Kay,

    I was wondering the same thing and was planning to do some research on how to do it. Good thing I came across you post. Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi Kay!

    Is Velvet okay now? Thank you for sharing this. I have one question though. The one that I’m seeing on my left, is that a plug in? I don’t even know what is the term for that. Lol. *facepalm*


  4. Hey Kay,

    I think it looks fantastic!

    I believe Genesis provides an author box, I had use that before but I can’t remember 100%, going to check out that ASAP tomorrow so thanks for the reminder and good job on this teaching! 😉


  5. Kay,

    First, a big CONGRATULATIONS for being the first winner in the challenge!

    Second, thanks very much for hopping over to my blog and commenting. I really appreciate it.

    Third, this is a cool plugin and I appreciate you sharing this information. I’ll add it to my blog later.

    All the best in the challenge!

  6. Kay, you are a wonder. Thank you. I have installed the plugin and it works great. I also found another plugin that lets everyone upload a personal photo to their profile. Excellent!

  7. Kay, Thank you so much for this – like so much, quite simple once someone shows you, so now I am about to show the WordPress Whiz (the young lad) and we will use this About box on all our WP sites – appreciate your kind help! Regards, Jackie

      1. Sadly, WP Whiz thinks maybe we prefer the About to be a Page and in the SideBar…sigh…I didn’t win this one (YET) but, as he does defer to me on all matters re content, opt-in, keywords, product selection, niche selection, I guess I really can’t complain (yeah, OK, not much) Thanks for the teaching and the skill, that’s what I love – the generosity!

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