Associate Goliath Plugin Makes Amazon Posting Really Easy

associate goliath plugin

associate goliath pluginI have had a couple of requests from my subscribers about publishing Amazon posts automatically and if there is any software that will do this. So here is my demonstration on how easy it is to use the plugin Associate Goliath Plugin.

There are benefits to using the plugin – the main ones are:

  • You can post by keyword rather than just category
  • You have more control over scheduling
  • Your posts will include customer reviews and therefore increase your click through rate to Amazon
  • You can see a preview of the posts

Here is a video I have done to show you how it works. At the moment there is a demo version of the plugin that you can download and use before you purchase which will really let you see for yourself how easy it is.

Demo Version Of Associate Goliath

Free Amazon Localizer Plugin

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