3 reasons why creating information products doesn’t work

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In this article I want to talk about the three main problems that you can face when creating information products and what you can do about it. The 3 problems I shall look at are, coming up with product ideas, creating products that will sell and finding the time to create them.

Coming Up With Ideas

Here are some things that you can do to help you to come up with plenty of topics ideas for your information products.

1. Visit forums related to your niche and find out what people are talking about. Write down these topics of conversation and use them as ideas for your own product.

2. Have a look at blogs in your niche and see what topics the most popular posts are written about. Write these topics down.

3. Visit question and answer sites and see the kind of questions that people have in your niche. Which questions are not being answered or if they are, think about whether you could provide a better solution?

Will My Product Sell?

Your product needs to be in demand and therefore you need to know that there are plenty of people that want and need that information. If you have used the suggestions that I have mentioned above then you will already know the really popular topics that people in your niche are talking about.

Also you will find out the kinds of topics that have little or no information being written about them. If there are questions being asked and lots of discussions on certain topics and issues in your niche then there is a lack of information available answering it!

Provide that information and it will sell!

I Don’t Have the Time!

You need a plan of action and you need to decide to take the action to implement your plan! This means setting aside time each day to get things done that will move you closer to completing your action plan.

1. Ask yourself if the action you are taking is something that is helping you to create your product.

2. Turn off all distractions uich as social media alerts and email.

3. Give yourself a treat that you can only have when you have completed a certain task.

4. Write down everything that you do each day and then go through your list and decide how you can improve on it for the next day.

If you can overcome these 3 road blocks then you will be able to start creating information products quickly and you’ll know that you are creating information that people want and need.


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