Complete Guide On How To Use Audacity To Record Audio mp3 Files

This is a guide on how to use audacity to record your audio mp3 files. It can take a while to get used to using it so I shall guide you through how to use it and edit it so that you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

Installing Audacity & Lame

If you don’t also download LAME then you can’t export your recordings into an mp3 format. This means that no one can listen to them unless they use audacity which defeats the whole object of being able to listen to your audio training while on the go!

Therefore we need to convert any recording we make into an mp3 format so that people can listen to it on their ipod or windows media player, etc. This video shows you how to install audacity onto your computer and then I demonstrate the difference installing LAME makes to saving your recordings.

Audacity Download

Lame installation

How To Record Yourself Speaking Using Audacity

How To Split And Move Sections of Your Recording Around

In this this video I show you how to split a recording at a particular point so that you can move sections of your recording around. For example, you might want to add one section of your audio nearer to the start of your recording.

How To Copy And Paste Recordings Into One Track

When you press the stop button and then want to start recording again audacity starts to record in a new track – not the same track as before. Therefore there will be times when you need to copy and paste different tracks into the original track.

How To Edit Words In An Audio Recording Using Audacity

Although I don’t recommend editing your recording too much there are times when something really needs to be removed. This is how to edit a word that was wrong and then add the correct word afterwards.

How To Save Your Recording As An MP3 File In Audacity

Once you are happy with your recording you can then export it into an mp3 file format.

How To Upload An MP3 File For Editing In Audacity

Sometimes you might want to edit an mp3 file itself. This is possible. You can upload the mp3 into audacity and then use it in exactly the same way as you would with an audacity recording.

How To Easily Find Errors That Need Editing While Recording In Audacity

As you record your audio you might not want to stop the recording at the time when something goes wrong. Therefore it can be handy to create a loud noise at specific places that you know need to be edited. This enables you to carry on with your recording rather than stop.

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  1. Hi Kay,
    Do you know how can I compress an audio file on Audacity in order to create subliminal files?
    I mean, I want to record some phrases and then ‘copy and paste’ it 1000 times, after that I want compress the file to an estimated time (about 30 mins).
    I need this because I have an ‘device’ for reprograming my mind and I need to create a subliminal file in Mp3 for use it.
    I’d appreciate if you could help me.

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