Are you sending out the right offers to your subscribers?

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When you send out an email to your list of subscribers do you know what it is you should be offering?

If you are going to promote something to your list you really need to learn and find out what they need in order to get the highest conversion rate. And you need to be offering it when they need it which can be very difficult!

What Do Your Subscribers Need?

When people join your list you need to find out exactly what it is they need and then promote one of your products that solves that need.

Now it becomes very difficult to be able to promote the rights product to the right person at the right time. In fact it’s near on impossible! 🙂

However if you are in constant communication with your list you should be able to promote products that will be suitable for at least the majority of people on your list.

If you just send out promotions without actually finding out what your subscribers need then it is not going to be beneficial  either to you or your subscriber.

If you are using one particular traffic source you may well find that the majority of people who come in to your email campaign from that traffic source have very similar needs. Therefore it is very important to test traffic sources independently so that you get some idea of the needs that people have who’ve come in from that specific traffic source. Then you can make sure that your email campaign is geared towards helping them and solving those specific needs.

Make sure that you are adding valuable content in your emails so that you are able to help your subscribers even before they make any purchase from you. Once people discover that you are providing them with great help they will know that your products are going to be very high quality and help them even further.

action steps

  1. Use your subscriber list to find out what they need – regularly.
  2. Use that feedback for product creation ideas.
  3. Monitor every traffic source in individual email campaigns.

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