Are You Using Feedback To Improve Your Business?

customer feedback

customer feedbackWhen it comes to feedback there are generally two types of people and I wonder which one you identify with?

  1. Are you the type of person who receives feedback but you don’t actually take any action or implement any changes based on that feedback?
  2. Or are you the type of person who is eager to receive feedback and you use that feedback to improve and make better whatever it was that you received feedback on?

Getting and using feedback for your online business is really important for you to be able to improve and increase your efficiency in specific areas.

I believe it is really important to encourage feedback about every area of your business because it is very easy for us to assume things rather than get the actual facts from other people – people who are either potential customers or already customers.

Here are some areas where you can encourage feedback.

Feedback From Customers

Whenever someone purchases a training product from you, you have a great opportunity to ask for feedback. After a few days or maybe a week ask them what they particularly liked about your product or what part had the most impact on them.

Use that feedback to improve your training if necessary, for example you may want to include a bit extra in your training for future customers.

The specific things that customers like about your products are great ideas for you to use as benefits when promoting that product to others.

Feedback From Subscribers

There will be people on your email list who have not yet purchased anything from you and therefore they are not yet a buyer. You can still ask for feedback from those particular subscribers.

Here are some things that you can ask for feedback on:

  • ask them what specific areas in your niche they are finding difficult
  • ask them if they have found your emails helpful – which topics in particular
  • ask them for their opinions about things in your niche


Asking for this kind of feedback is really helpful to you as it gives you ideas on what future training products to create and the kind of topics that they find helpful.

It also encourages an interactive email campaign which is far better for building relationships. Just make sure you always reply personally when you get feedback.

Using Surveys

Asking people to fill out a survey with just a few questions is another great way of getting feedback. The key to a successful survey is to make sure that your questions are specific so that the feedback is specific.

Blog Comment

If you have a blog then that is another great place to ask for feedback. In this case the feedback would be in the form of a comment about a particular post that you have written.

Getting feedback from subscribers, visitors and customers is a fantastic way for you to improve your efficiency and for getting great ideas on the kind of topics within your niche are areas where people want information on.

Use all feedback to see where you can improve things and also where you can use it to enhance your product promotion.

action steps




  • Ask customers for feedback when they purchase a product. You can set this up in your email campaign so that it happens automatically.
  • Periodically ask your subscriber questions to encourage feedback.
  • If you have a blog then ask people to write a comment or add an opinion at the end of your post.
  • When you get any feedback make sure you use it!

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