Are You Getting The Right Message Across?

effective sales communication

I saw this very short video about effective communication the other day and as I watched it I assumed it was going to give a different message from the one it actually gave!

See if you think the same as I did!

Watch the video and predict what message it is trying to convey.

Communicating Your Message Effectively

So what did you assume the message was?

I thought that the twist was going to be that the rabbit should have said more than “did you know that the bear has a list of animals that he wants to eat?” The rabbit should have included the information that both the deer and fox (I think it’s a fox!) were on that list!

That was the crucial part missing from the message that the rabbit sent! Since that part of the message was missing both the deer and fox ended up being eaten!

However, the point that this video is getting across is that you need to communicate the right message at the right place and the right time to be effective.

So let’s think of this in terms of the benefit for the rabbit and perhaps we can being to realise that the rabbit is being vague on purpose! Maybe he – I think it’s a he 🙂 – thought that if he got both the deer and fox worried about this list of the bears, that they might go and visit the bear and get eaten up. Crafty rabbit! (I thought it was supposed to be the fox who was always crafty…)

Then he (rabbit) would have the opportunity to go and visit the bear who by now is full and not so hungry and come to an agreement about his name being removed from the list!

Sneeky! Sending the right message, at the right place and at the right time – both at the start to the deer and fox and at the end to the bear! I bet it was the rabbit who put those signs up on the tree too!

Interesting. Any thoughts?

Effective (Trusted) Communication For Sales

Now if we think of effective communication when it comes to getting across our sales message then we need to be a bit careful here!

I expect you have come across scam sales letters or emails from people who are obviously in this for their own self gain – like the rabbit! They might even be using effective communication and making sales. In fact I’ll wager that they are because otherwise they wouldn’t bother trying to scam others. Unfortunately it works – in the short term.

For you and me, we are building an honest online business – one that is ethical and trustworthy. Therefore our message and communication needs to be effective but also trusted.

If it is apparent that our communication is purely for self gain then we immediately put a question mark next to trust. This can be a dilemma since it is obvious that we do gain (financially) when people purchase something from us.

So how can we make sure that our communication is both effective and trusted?

>>By being 100% certain that our solution (products) will benefit our customers<<

This is why I believe it is so important to be the product creator or service provider. Since you have created the product you know best about how it will benefit someone else and solve their problem. You can stand behind it 100%.

When you truly believe that your own product will be the answer to someones problem that they are facing you are able to offer that product in a way that is both effective and trusted. You can genuinely communicate.

If you haven’t yet taken this on board and started producing your own products then let me encourage you to do so. It’s a win win situation for both you and your customers. For step by step help with it get my comprehensive product and content creation training program

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