How Can You Get Your Sales Message Out Without The Hype?

sales hype

sales hypeDo you hate those really hyped up sales letters? You know the ones – those that make outrageous claims and promise stuff that deep down you know can’t possibly be true?

I get annoyed sometimes when I read a headline that states something in such a way that it makes you believe it’s something brand new or revolutionary!

I can remember reading one such headline that stated something like “Discover the secret to get a flood of free traffic to your site without any extra work!”

Wow, that sounds good! (but I’m thinking – yeah right!). So I opt in to receive this super duper secret!

Do you know what the secret was…..

Are you ready for this?

Drum roll please…..

Auto post your blog updates to twitter!

Seriously I kid you not.

Now don’t get me wrong – yes you will get some extra traffic doing this so the statement wasn’t false but the way in which it was stated left you believing that you were missing out on something big!

Well, that’s good sales copy right? Yes!

Let me ask you this though – would you feel happy writing that for your own product or offer?

You see, there’s a difference between compelling sales copy and hyped sales copy.

I try not to use hype in mine – I don’t like it and it doesn’t feel right to me.

Now just because something may not feel like hype to me doesn’t necessarily mean it wouldn’t feel like hype to you does it?!

Think about that for a moment.

Your tolerance of hype will not be at the same level as other peoples tolerance of hype.

So what can we do about this?

How can we make sure that when we write sales copy we write something that is going to compel people to take action but not put them off with cheesy language?

Read Your Sales Letter Out Loud

I think a good way to keep a check on your sales copy is to read it aloud. See how it feels to read it out and whether or not you naturally use inflections in your voice as you do so.

This gives you an idea of places where bolded words should be used or sub headings.

When you are passionate about something and you truly believe that your product or solution is going to have a positive impact on someones life then you don’t have to try and sell it. All you need to do is to explain the situation in your sales letter.

The problem

The solution

The call to action

You might use emotive language – well if you’re passionate about it then you would do.

You might use persuasive language – well if you know you have the answer to something then you would do.

Let me challenge you with this thought:

When you write your sales copy do you try to make it compelling? Do you try to use language that you’re told will make people buy?

If you are trying too hard with your sales copy then do you really believe you have the answer?

sales copy

  • Think about your sales letter – does it sound genuine to you? Does it feel genuine when you write it?
  • Would you sale your product to a close friend – do you really have belief in what your product can achieve for someone else?
  • Instead of trying to write sales copy that will make people buy – focus on your product and create something that you believe in and are passionate about. Then write about it and your sales copy will naturally do it’s job without the hype!

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