Increasing The Conversion Rate Of Your First Sale

increase conversions

If you have trouble making any sales then look at your very first product promotion. What are you offering? Is it relevant to the reason why someone signed up to your email list? If you get this wrong then your conversion rate will be lower than it could be.

Targeted Gift

Whatever you offer for free to encourage someone to sign up to your email list make sure that it is a specific targeted topic. The reason for this is so that you can then follow up on this specific topic in your email campaign and offer a product that is also on the same topic.

The reason why someone wanted your free gift is because they wanted help with something specific. Therefore they are looking for something targeted and have a need at that moment in time. When you provide a product that more fully meets that need (your free gift provides value but not everything they need) then they are more likely to purchase it.

Everything must flow.

Here is an example:

Niche = dog training

Free gift = 10 top tips on how toilet train your dog

Email campaign = content about toilet training your dog

First product promotion – complete dog toilet training program

Can you see that one flows on to the next? You are providing exactly what your original visitor had gone looking for help with.  It is consistent. Your free gift, your email campaign and your product.

Here is an example of how not to do it:

Niche =dog training

Free gift = 10 top tips on how to how to toilet train your dog

Email campaign = content about how to exercise your dog

First product promotion – complete dog exercise training program

Although people signing up to receive tips on training their dog to go to the toilet outside will also be interested in learning how to exercise their dog, that is not the reason why they originally signed up to your email campaign. They want help on toilet training – they want that help now. They are not looking for any other kind of help.

Therefore although you might make some sales you won’t make as many because your whole campaign is not targeted towards the reason why someone joined your list.

When we go looking for help with things online we become blinkered – looking only for the specific thing we are looking for. Of course there are times when we get distracted but when looking for specific help we only want a solution to that specific problem.

If it helps to see this graphically then look at the image below:

I am using colours to represent targeted specific help.

increase conversions

Unless each step is the same colour then your process will not flow. Having just one colour wrong will result in an inconsistent marketing campaign.

setting goals




  • Take a look at your marketing campaign. Are you targeting the right person?
  • Are you offering a free gift that is relevant to your email campaign and your first product promotion?
  • If not then change it!

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