Tips On How To Make People Want To Buy From You

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You may have a great product but unless people know about it then you won’t make any sales! However, just making people aware of what you offer is not the whole story. You also need to persuade someone that they need what you are offering.
Here are some tips on how to encourage people to want to buy from you.


You need to get someones attention for them to become aware of what you have to offer. Not only that but you then also need to hold their attention! One of the best ways to do this is to make your content engaging.
Telling a story is always a good place to start because people are compelled to get to the end of the story to find out what happened. Therefore you are able to hold someones attention by telling a story.
There are other ways to hold someones attention:

  • write something shocking
  • be controversial
  • be extreme

I would recommend using a story unless you feel comfortable with using some of the other ideas as done wrongly and they could have the opposite affect – put people off.

Always bear in mind who your target market is and use the language appropriate for that market.

Bold Statement/Promise

You need to include some bold statements about what people might achieve by purchasing your product. These must be true but bold.

Statements such as:

  • if you do XYZ then I can guarantee you will….
  • you won’t find a better …. anywhere else on the internet
  • no on else has produced anything ….
  • I have the best training on ….
  • I will personally guarantee your success ….
  • Not only will you receive … I will also send you … (over delivering)

The statements are sending the message of why someone should do business with you. Why you are better than the competition. What makes your product stand out. Why it is the best.

Once you have someones full attention there is no better time to state your unique selling point and the benefits of doing business with you. That message has more chance of sticking in someones mind when they are fully engaged.

Encourage Sharing/Feedback

Having customers or subscribers sharing your content, suggesting your products to others and generally recommending you increases your credibility no end. Being THE person to go to will immediately send a message that almost guarantees peoples attention when they get to your site or content.

It takes time for this to happen on a big scale and therefore you need to focus on the bigger picture. There are few overnight wonders and often they fade into the background after a while and are forgotten.

Your aim is to build solid foundations for your business so that your name or business name sticks in the long term. That takes years. Is it worth it? Of course it is.

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  • Come up with your own attention grabbing story – how can you make it more compelling?
  • Remember who the story is being marketed to and make it relevant to them.
  • What words could you use for your bold statements?
  • What are the benefits of your business/product?
  • How can you encourage people to share and talk about your business?


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