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dragon naturally speak

dragon naturally speakI am speaking this post using Dragon Naturally Speak and have underlined the words that I had to correct. There were 11 words that needed correction out of 660+ words. So less than 2% error rate. You can also watch a video of me creating the post so that you can actually see how good the software is.

“Some of you have asked me what speech recognition software I use for my content. At first I was using the software that came with my laptop and it was okay but not really good enough to use on a regular basis. So I had a look online and one of the most popular speech recognition software is dragon NaturallySpeaking.

I looked on their website and I decided to have a live chat with one of the customers team. He was really helpful and asked me what I was wanting to use the software for because I wasn’t too sure what the difference was between the home edition and the premium edition.

After chatting for probably 15 minutes it was clear that the premium edition would best suit my needs. Now I always want to get the best deal on any purchases I make so I had a look and Amazon was giving the best deal.

I purchased the premium version 12 and had it up and running in no time at all. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the package also included some headphones which you will need if you’re going to use the Dragon software.

So to get a true idea of how good this software is I am as you can see using it to write or rather speak this particular post.

I find it far easier to just talk my information rather than typing it because for me I believe it is important that all of my content online sounds the way that I sound and therefore using speech recognition software is fantastic for achieving this.

Now I wanted to write this post live so that you could actually see how the software is working how easy it is to speak and you can speak naturally you have not got to keep pausing and waiting for the software to catch up with you. You just saw there that it didn’t quite hear what I said so I had to repeat it and now it’s done two fullstops!

Now there is an easy way for deleting any mistakes that you might make and you can see that there are a few errors that the software hasn’t quite got write. There is a good example now that it is using the wrong form of write its using writing a letter rather than right and left.

Personally I find it easier to edit my document after it’s been put wherever I want it and then I edit it by the actual keyboard rather then editing using the speech software. That’s my personal preference.

So once you have finished your content that you want to put online you can see a button underneath the says transfer and if I just move my mouse you will know which button I’m talking about. It’s that button there. Basically you can click there and where ever you have put your mouse so if you are wanting to transfer your dictation into notepad you can put your cursor in your notepad document and then when you click transfer it will transfer everything on this screen to your notepad document.

You can actually dictate straight into notepad and also WordPress and other documents however, I have found that some times the cursor jumps back into this dictation box and doesn’t stay in the document that you have open. Therefore I tend to use the dictation box first and then transfer it to the document that I wanted to go.

So I shall transfer this into my WordPress post so that it’s a written document and I shall also upload this video of me actually demonstrating how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking.”

You can purchase Dragon Software from Amazon by clicking here.

Video Demo Of Dragon Speak Software

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking here.

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Do you struggle writing content online? Would it be helpful to use a speech recognition software. Would this save you time and help you build your business quicker? Is so then it is worth your while trying it out.

3 Comments on “Dragon Naturally Speak Demo Review”

  1. Hi Kay
    This is a really interesting post.
    And what a great idea to put up the video of you using the software so we can see how it works.
    I’m really impressed.

    I have never even considered using speech recognition software but I certainly am going to do some research on it.
    I will follow your links and see what comes up – I mean I’m not even sure how much it costs.

    One of the biggest hold-ups in my own production speed is typing.

    I can type quite quickly but then I need to go back to do so many corrections afterwards that my speed becomes counter-productive.

    Thanks for opening my eyes to another way forward.

    1. Thanks Dave

      Do you look for mistakes after writing the whole content or as you go along? I found it so hard to stop myself correcting as I went along and this makes it even longer to write! Therefore I had to come up with a quicker and better way for me to create content quickly.

      The cost of the premium Dragon Software was around £70 ($110) when I purchased it. I waited until it was on an offer. I set up a Google alert for for it! I believe it is around £100 at the moment.

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