List of Resources for My Book But I Hate Selling

Information Marketing Resources

Please find a list of the resources mentioned in my book “But I Hate Selling – A Mind Shift to Selling Digital Products Online”

Namecheap – This is the site that I use to purchase a domain name.

GetResponse – To automate some of your relationship building by email you need an autoresponder. I use GetResponse and have found it reliable and also helpful when it comes to customer service.

WPeStore – This is a WordPress plugin that creates a secure payment processing system. This is excellent and is an official partner of Paypal so you know it will always be updated if Paypal suddenly changes something.

Headlnr – This is an easy to use browser ‘add on’ that gives the most successful, proven headlines online. You can use it to come up with great headlines by typing in your particular keyword. It’s good for ideas but remember if it sounds too much like hype then don’t use it.

Duplication Checking – Sites such as and are very good sites to help ensure any content you add to your website is not duplicated elsewhere. This is necessary if you are using content ‘swipes’ provided by affiliates. Keep your own content unique.

Email Marketing – The 2 links below are worth visiting if you are unsure about about email marketing. It will prove that it still remains one of the top most success means of marketing:



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