List of Resources for My Book Converting Kindle to Createspace

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Please find a list of the resources mentioned in my book “So You Have a Kindle Book. What About Createspace?

Geoff Shaw Kindling Course – If you want a complete very in depth course on writing kindle books for both fiction and nonfiction then I highly recommend this course. It is updated regularly and can only be recommended by customers. This is the course that got me started.

Ultimate eBook Creator – Easy tool for writing well formatted eBooks and paperback books. If you struggle with formatting and just want to do things quickly this software is the answer.

Laughing Bird Graphics Software – Great for easily designing kindle book covers.

Drag n Drop Illustrator – Another great tool for designing images and book covers. Ideal to use in children picture books.

My Book – Video showing the physical copy of my book.

Word to Open Office – Video showing how to convert a word document to Open Office

Reading Age Estimator – This free online tool will provide you with a rough reader age for your writing

BISAC Category Codes – This site contains all the different BISAC categories and associated codes

Image Compressor– This free piece of software will compress your image files and is ideal for kindle books as you will be charged more if your book file size of large (this is not necessary of physical books).

KDP – Createspace is know integrated into the KDP platform.

Adding Tax Information to Account – This post will tell you more about reducing tax especially if you live in the UK like me. Sharpen Plugin – This plugin will provide a tool to sharpen images in

7 Zip – Free tool to zip and unzip files

Book Margins – Information about the recommended sizes of book margins

Legal Fonts – Great information about using fonts legally. These 2 sites are good for buying fonts: and

Book Cover Templates – KDP provide some book cover templates for free.

JPEG to PDF Conversion – How to convert book cover image to a PDF for uploading to KDP.

doPDF – Free tool to convert image to PDF using

HTML editor – Free HTML editor to help create a good looking book description

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