X. Janik – Biblical Success is a Choice

X JanikI would like to introduce you to X. Janik who has just published a kindle book!

First a little bit about her! She is passionate about showing people how to use God’s word to become successful in ALL areas of life. Her recent book “Biblical Success is a Choice – Yours! is certainly a powerful read. I have read it and was genuinely encouraged and challenged too.

She enjoys singing and would love to learn to play the piano.

Here are some questions I asked her via email for this ‘Showcase’ post!

1. When did you write your very first book?

I started some time around maybe summer, but was dealing with a lot of personal things that impeded my performance so I’ve only just got it published.

2. What or who inspired you to start?

My parents, especially my father who was in the war. I wrote about him and my teacher loved it and my father said something like, “I found out that you could write!”

Also my English teacher in high school, Mr. Vikar. I wrote this one short story in the form of a draft – entitled, “Death At Witch Queen’s Castle.” It was only a draft and he gave me 100% on it. He was so surprised he asked me if it was really me who wrote it! I wasn’t even mad, I just took it as a sort of compliment.

Years later, I met up with him again and two of his friends. He told them about my story and he asked me again if I had written it. I told him yes. He was still amazed and had to ask again. LOL.

3. Did you stumble upon your book topic through trial and error or was it already a passion of yours?

I became a Christian on November 1st, 1988 and God was the one who I promised I would write a non-fiction book that involved His word and two of my passions – science & technology. He will always be the first one I make my dedications to, then everyone else.

Before I became a Christian I always wrote about the spooky stuff and I loved it. So my first book had to include God’s word, then my stuff.

4. What is one of the most surprising things you have learned through writing your recent book?

I learned that I have more patience than I knew!

5. What have you found most rewarding?

The fact that now, I can actually and technically say that I am an author and a writer – and to prove it my e-book is on Kindle.

6. Do you have a project you are working on at the moment? Please tell us about it!

Well, I want to finish up an e-commerce website and start an e-commerce blog. Find some telecommuting work online with online marketing and/or do some work for authors and writers… etc.

Thank you for sharing your story with us!

X Janik book coverIf you would like to read X. Janik’s book then please do so – at the time of writing this post it is on a free promotion! Just click on the image and you’ll be directed to Amazon.com.

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