The Problem With Affiliate Marketing – What You Can Do About It

affiliate marketing

There is no doubt that you can make money by being an affiliate for someone and promoting their products. It’s something that I started doing first of all so I know that it works. However, there are some problems with affiliate marketing which is why I no longer base the bulk of my main income from relying on affiliate commissions. … Read More

3 reasons why creating information products doesn’t work

article marketing

In this article I want to talk about the three main problems that you can face when creating information products and what you can do about it. The 3 problems are coming up with product ideas, creating products that will sell and finding the time to create them.

The Beginning of An Online Information Business

Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge

When I first started working from home I didn’t believe I would one day have my own business. At the time I probably didn’t even want one! Then as time goes by and people start asking you to help them with various things and want to pick your brains an idea pops into your head – “what if I started to charge for this help – others do..”