Are You Sinking Or Learning To Surf The Waves?

Well I have recently been on holiday and for the first time in ages the weather was warm enough in the UK to actually go into the sea! While body boarding I was reminded of something I once heard that is relevant to any online business.

The Plot Thickens…

Dean Hollands Challenge

Some of you reading my blog might have noticed something. My daughter left a cute comment for me on my first post 🙂

She also left the same cute comment on her DADDYS new blog!

So what is going on?

The Beginning of An Online Information Business

Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge

When I first started working from home I didn’t believe I would one day have my own business. At the time I probably didn’t even want one! Then as time goes by and people start asking you to help them with various things and want to pick your brains an idea pops into your head – “what if I started to charge for this help – others do..”