Are You Ready for 2015?

It’s our choice to take that step and use where we find ourselves today for something better. I share my own difficult start to 2015.

Imagine This – Is It Really Possible

When you think back to Henry Ford – he imagined the finished car and never gave up or at least he didn’t let his designers give up until they had achieved what at first had seemed something impossible. He believed he was right and didn’t give up until he proved it!

Get Aligned & Empowered For 2014!

empowered to succeed

As we draw near to the end of another year I am sure that like me, you are thinking of what you did or didn’t do this year that you had planned to! Here are some thoughts on getting empowered for 2014!

What Motivates You A Stick Or A Carrot?


I was taking my daughter to gymnastics the other day and we go past a studio where there are people having an aerobics class. This particular day the instructor was shouting and bellowing at them and it made me think – does that really motivate people? Does shouting at people motivate them?

Do You Have A Dream?


I was reading a book about realising your dreams and it got me thinking. What is my dream and why? It is the ‘why’ bit that got me thinking. Have you ever given it proper thought about why you want to be successful online?