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Title : Rating : 0.0*Name : Dave E WilkesDate: : May 29, 2014* Product Name : Action Productivity Video Course : : Website (optional) : * TestimonialI am a therapist and in full disclosure I asked Kay if I could review this product. I am often asked by my clients if I would be able to help them change their lives for the better. And I wanted to check out Kay\'s Action Productivity Video Course to see if it could stand up to the requirements of \"ordinary people\" who need to improve their lives in specific areas. Kay\'s course includes 9 videos totalling over three and a half hours of training. Her system also includes the use of spread sheets, online personality tests and some easy to use productivity software. All of which supplies a comprehensive system that works. I followed the course through from beginning to end and was surprised at the uncannily accurate description of myself that was produced in the personality test results. I also learned simple but effective systems for becoming more productive, breaking bad habits and keeping more focus so that I could more easily get what I want out of life. Being able to do all of that is a pretty big thing to ask. And Kay\'s Video Course delivers that very thing. To be honest, I already knew of some of the techniques she described, but I can almost guarantee that no matter what your level of involvement is in the \"productivity\" niche, there are bound to be many nuggets and techniques to use that will make it easier for you to move on in your life. The course actually leans towards the topic of building a successful business, but will certainly work for anyone wanting to change their typical home/ work life as well. Each video starts with a passage of lively music to set the tone of things and then each module is laid out in easy to understand steps that can be followed easily. Kay has built an Action Productivity Course that presents a comprehensive system in an easy to understand progression. I would heartily recommend the Action Productivity Video Course to anyone who wants to fit more into, or who wants to get more out of, his or her life. You can order this course with confidence.

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