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Title : Rating : 0.0*Name : MNajib (SpreeBid)Date: : March 22, 2014* Product Name : Creating Clickable Table Of Contents PLR Reports : : Website (optional) : * TestimonialBy making a decision just to ask if she had a report on TOC in the Open Office Writer and Word. I am a bit surprised when she want to make this report and was willing to help me. Make me overwhelmed. Actually, I've been looking for a report on the Table Of Contents everywhere but was unable to match this report, brief but full of information, it is easy to follow each step given together with the screenshots. I've tried what was taught in the report. As a result, I can now make Clickable TOC automatically with easier compared to manually and used to make ebook or report although I as a newbie. Make an ebook is very interesting and easy to read. Suitable for those who want to make a Kindle Book and sold it on Amazon KDP. I've bought two products generated from her because I know she produced high quality and easy to understand. I will certainly make a purchase more products from Kay Franklin! She made me happy and I'm sure she will make you happy. Amazing report! Reasonably priced, affordable and with PLR, ... ... more The purchase is worth it! Highly Recommended! Thank you so much Kay Franklin for producing this report and you are great!

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