How to split test effectively

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So you have your squeeze page and your sales page all written and ready to go and then someone asks you if you have set up any split testing. Now, so many people online just don’t bother testing and tweaking out their system and it’s a huge mistake because if you don’t know what is working well you won’t know what you should be focusing on and if you don’t know the things that need improving you will be wasting a lot of time and energy and not seeing the kind of results you could be seeing.

What is split testing?

Split testing is where you compare one change to another. It’s a bit like a controlled experiment whereby you have your control and then you change one element of your experiment and you test the results against the control.

Obviously coming from a scientific background I enjoy split testing! However, it is not difficult to do and you don’t need to have any scientific training to split test your own squeeze pages and sales pages. 🙂

If you have Google Analytics setup, and I recommend that you do, then you will be able to use their free split testing software.

So how do you do a split test?
Let’s talk about the squeeze page. So you have your squeeze page set up and let’s assume you have a headline, some bullet points and your opt in form.

The squeeze page as it stands is your control and let’s call it squeeze page 1. You will be testing various changes to that squeeze page 1.

Suppose you want to find out if using a different headline will increase your opt in rate. You would copy squeeze page 1 and just change the headline. Save this new squeeze page and let’s call it squeeze page 2. You can then test which squeeze page is more effective by splitting your traffic so that 50% of your traffic goes to squeeze page 1 and the other 50% goes to squeeze page 2.

How do you know which one works the best?
In order to find out which squeeze page is providing the best opt in rate you need to put a code on the page that people land on after opting in. Google Analytics will provide you with that code – it’s basically a tracking code so that you can track where the person came from before they landed on your success page. In other words which squeeze page did they come from.

Once you have enough data you will be able to see which squeeze page is the winner and if you use Google Analytics for your split testing experiments, Google will actually announce the winner once there is sufficient data available.

action steps

  1. Is your squeeze page effective?
  2. Sign up with Google Analytics
  3. Set up your own split test experiment.
  4. Now drive traffic and check the results.
  5. Make the changes and test again.

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