The Process To Follow For Testing Your Marketing Results

testing result

Testing is probably the most important part of any business. Without continued testing and tracking of results you can’t make specific improvements since you have no idea which areas need to be worked on.

Here is the testing process that you need to follow in all aspects of your business. Whether it be your squeeze page, sales page, email campaigns or traffic source.

Measure Results

Unless you actually measure the results you won’t have any data to work with. First of all you need to define what your business goals are so that you know what you need to measure.

For an online  business you might have the following aims:

  • to increase subscribers
  • to increase sales
  • improve email campaign

Now decide what you will need to measure in order to decide if you are working towards your aim.

Increase subscribers

You would need to measure the opt in rate of your squeeze page or webform.

This means knowing how many visits you are getting to your squeeze page and how many of those visits results in someone becoming a subscriber. This will give you your opt in rate.

Increase sales

You will need to measure how many visits you are getting to your sales page and how many of those visits results in a sale. This will then give you your conversion rate.

Improve Email Campaign

Improving an email campaign means that more people will open your emails and more people will click on any link that you put in the email. These can be measured by looking at the open rates and click through rates. Your autoresponder account will provide you with these statistics.

So for the above criteria we would be measuring opt in rate, conversion rate, open rate and click through rate. There are of course other factors that you might want to measure but the 3 mentioned are probably the most common and easiest to implement.

Record Results

testing result

Put your results in some form of spreadsheet do that you can see at a glance what is happening over time. Unless you can see your results both before, during and after any changes you will not be able to decide what action you should be taking next.

Try to turn your results into a graphical representation as it becomes easier to see any changes.


Once you have a spreadsheet or report of your results you can now look at the data and analyze what needs to be done. What areas need improving and by how much? Look at the results that are good and see if you can learn anything from them. Perhaps you could implement something similar in another area of your business.

Once you know what areas you need to work on then you can begin the process of implementing changes and seeing if your results improve.


Looking at the same 3 examples above here are some ideas of things that you could change to see if your results improve at all. Remember that when you implement any change you need to allow enough time before making any conclusion about the changes made.

Creating a graph of your results so that you can see a general trend is a good way of visualizing a positive or negative result.

Squeeze Page

  1. Header
  2. Bullet points
  3. Call to action

Sales Page

  1. Header
  2. Sub header
  3. Focus on benefits
  4. Focus on results
  5. Compelling call to action

Email Campaign

  1. Subject heading
  2. Content living up to subject heading
  3. Compelling reason to click
  4. Relevant to people on your list

There are many other things that you could change but the above are the ones that will cause the biggest change to your overall results.

Be realistic about the rates you are aiming for. If you are getting a squeeze page opt in rate of 50% then you need to ask yourself if it is worth the effort trying out any further changes to increase that to 60%. If you are running out of ideas to implement then you have probably hit the ceiling in terms of the maximum rate you can realistically expect to achieve.

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