5 Steps On How To Use Blog Commenting For Generating Traffic


In this article I am going to give you five steps on how you can use blog commenting for generating targeted traffic to your own website. First of all let me explain that if you are going to use blog commenting for traffic purposes it is best if you own a blog yourself so that you can truly get involved and be part of the blogging community.

Therefore, bearing that in mind, it is best if you link back to your own blog or one of your blog posts rather than link back to a squeeze page or a specific product for example.

So let’s look at the five steps that you will take to start your own effective blog commenting:

1. Find related blogs

First of all you need to find related blogs. You need to make sure that the blogs that you leave a comment on are related to your own topic of interest and therefore related to your own blog. This is very important to make sure that your traffic is targeted.

2. Add helpful comments

Whenever you add a comment on someone else’s blog you need to be focused on adding something that will be helpful to other people reading that blog. The purpose is to provide useful information and add to the blog post that you are commenting on so that visitors will click on your link to find out more about you.

3. Encourage feedback

If possible it is a really good idea to encourage some kind of feedback in your blog comment. By asking a question or adding a sentence that encourages other people to respond you are being helpful to the blog owner because you are encouraging other people to add a comment. It also means that you can have the opportunity to reply and add another comment and build your own authority on the subject.

4. Thank the owner

When you add a comment it is nice if you can thank the owner of the blog for something specific to that post. So you can make reference to a particular point made in the post in a way that is helpful to the blog writer because it is important that your comment is not seen as a way for you to promote yourself and if you recognise the blog writers knowledge then your own comment will not look self promoting.

Using related blogs to add comments with links back to your best material on your own blog is a very good way of getting visibility to your market and a way to indirectly establish yourself as a credible source of information and an authority on the topic.

action steps

  1. Will blog commenting be a suitable traffic source for you to try? Or will you get too distracted?
  2. Ideally you need a blog yourself.
  3. Find related blogs and start commenting – add value.
  4. Plan to spend X amount of time each day for blog commenting. You need to be in it for the long run to see real results.


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