Are you creating unique fresh content regularly?


Do you struggle when creating fresh content for your website? You see if you are wanting to attract search engine traffic you really need to be adding fresh unique content to your site.

Also if you want to be driving traffic to a squeeze page and you are using written content for that, you will again need to be generating fresh content.

Content Ideas

Coming up with new ideas for content can sometimes be difficult. What I like to do is to add content every time I learn something new. So for example fairly recently I wanted to know how to keep my copyright date updated automatically on particular webpages. When I find out how to do it I then added that as a post on my website.

Not only will it be there for me to come back to in the future it is there to help other people solve the same problem as I had.

I admit that I don’t always add this to my website at the time that I learn the information because I’m too busy implementing it in my business or website. 🙂

But it’s a good idea to get into the habit of doing that and it is something that I have decided I will keep doing because it is very helpful not only for me but to my visitors.

Another way of finding content that you can write about is to ask questions to people on your list to find out what they are struggling with or ask them if they have any questions they would like to ask you and you can then use that as content ideas.

I like going to question and answer sites as well because I often find that there are some great questions on there that haven’t actually been answered very well and therefore I take that question and I answer it either on my own website or as an article for example and then submit it to Ezine articles.

It’s a bit like when you are going to bed and you just can’t sleep and you are thinking so much about not being able to sleep that you spend hours just lying there and not actually sleeping.

Having a block when it comes to writing content can be similar. You spend so much time thinking what can I write about that you don’t actually get down to writing anything.

Stop thinking about what you can write about and just write about the things that you’re doing in your business. If you are active and you are doing things that are growing and building your business and you are learning new things then you really should have content that you can write about.

action steps

  1. Where can you go online to find out the questions that people in your niche might have?
  2. What are other blogs/websites talking about?
  3. What are popular subjects in your niche?
  4. What questions do your subscribers ask you that you can turn into content?
  5. What have you learned recently that you can share with others?

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