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Chiara Francica

I am pleased to have a guest on my blog today – Chiara Francica. When Chiara approached me about a potential blog post swap I was interested because I could see that she would be able to add value – in the form of Facebook Marketing tips.

As you know Facebook Marketing is not my area of expertize and those who know me well, know that I don’t really like Facebook… 🙂

However, I always recommend that you test your own traffic source to see which ones will work best for you and your own personality. Facebook Marketing does work for those who enjoy that form of marketing and Chiara has some great tips to share with us.

I emailed her a few questions to answer so that you could get to know her a little better – here’s what she said:

1. What is the one thing that drives you to take action in order to succeed? Your reason WHY?

My core desires lie within 3 areas which are;

1 – My parents who have seen me through thick and thin and raised me to be who I am today. I want to be able to return the favor and spoil them with whatever makes them happy.

2 – I love traveling with a passion and will get back to traveling next year, i.e. 2015 and will do travel while I work from my laptop.

3 – I want to do some voluntary work in places like South Africa in animal orphanages and have my online business pay my bills.

2. What is the thing that you enjoy the most about working online?

I love meeting people from all around the world and masterminding with them. I always keep an open mind so I can upgrade my wisdom and take advantage of learning new strategies which I learn so I can apply them to my business.

3. If you started your online business again what (if anything) would you do differently?

When my coach tells me to do something I just do it without creating my own version simply because I think it is a better idea. If my coach is successful then he is successful because he has been doing it right so no more re-inventing the wheel.

However, I know that I need to model not just him but other successful people as well so that I can eventually create my own unique version.

Great answers Chiara and I especially like your determination to continually invest in yourself – that’s so important.

Here is her post that I want to share with you.

Chiara Francica

5 Tips For Effective Facebook Marketing

There is a good reason why some marketers outperform the majority when it comes down to Facebook marketing. In fact I have been watching closely the Facebook marketing experts in order to discover the patterns that lead them to see great results with Facebook marketing.

This article aims to cover the 5 must know tips which I have seen all Facebook marketers implement in order to get them results in their online business. I’ll start with the most important tip which is treating Facebook like a sales funnel. You need to understand this concept if you want the other tips to fall into place and compliment each other. I will then move on to explaining how to get ”leads” through Facebook marketing and how you need to promote to your Facebook audience for the best results.

1) Are you treating Facebook like a sales funnel?

So as I mentioned, I will be starting with this tip because it is the most important one to understand.

If you have been doing internet marketing long enough then you will discover that in order to have a long term business strategy you are going to need to build your list and send them through a funnel where you are going to build a relationship with your audience and warm them up to your offer which you can re-promote over again thanks to your list.

So this leads me to why you need to look at Facebook as a sales funnel if you are going to use Facebook as your main marketing strategy. This strategy is actually extremely effective if implemented right from the start and consistently.

Start by looking at every person you connect with within your niche as a lead. Once this episode takes place we need to focus on 2 things from this point onwards. First we need to make ourselves like-able with said person; we do this by conversing with them on a 1-to-1 basis from time to time and sharing tips which can help with their business. Before sharing tips make sure they are open to it, if you are unsure, then ask for permission to be safe. You could say something along the lines, ”… is it okay for me to share my advice with you as a fellow internet marketer… ?”

Secondly we need to post tips which will help our audience in their business and a lot of value based content which touches on core desires on our timeline. I suggest your personal timeline over a fan page because the reach is far better and will therefore bring you a ton of more engagement and exposure to your brand. The reason behind having value based content shared is to portray oneself as a leader and having people look up to us as the ideal mentor to have them leading them in their business.

2) Build your friends list and stay in touch with your current Facebook audience daily

Connect with new people and engage with previous connections daily to let your audience within your niche become familiar with you; people love familiar so make sure you are consistent with this course of action.

Secondly, every time you engage with users it is more likely that your Facebook threads show up in their newsfeed and have them engaging in your posts.

Lastly, given we are looking at Facebook as a sales funnel, you need to add fresh leads daily to your ”funnel”. My personal recommendation is for you to 50 people within your niche per day and spread them out during the day to avoid Facebook jail.

Also, re-connect with 10 people already on your friends list so you can increase engagement on your Facebook posts.

Another great way to keep people within your circle is by creating a Facebook group where you can add them as a connection with their permission and mention you will be adding a ton of value and sharing tips in the group which help you in your business. 99% of people will say its fine for you to add them and every time you post a message to the group they are notified via Facebook.

3) Value versus pitch

Every time I scroll through my news feed or I join groups related to my niche, I just see a cluster of links to products or programs… I like to call it the spam fest.

What a Facebook marketer needs to understand is that people join people not businesses.

Focus on relationship building and touch on topics which really focus on core desires e.g. family, passions, their reason for wanting to get into this business etc. When you can get people to resonate with you as a real person and as a leader which we do by sharing tips on how to be successful in a business, then the sales will follow alone without needing to make the pitch and our sales conversion rates are much higher.

4) Boost a great Facebook post

When you start posting threads and building your audience, you will find that some threads will get more engagement than others. If you have a post that really had a ton of engagement then you can boost it for just $5.00 on your personal timeline and have it show up in the newsfeed of all your friends.

If in a post you are sending them to read a personal story through a link that directs them to your blog, this $5.00 is worth your spend as it’s going to get people familiar with your brand and if you are building your list which I highly recommend you do, you will get a good number of highly targeted subscribers on your list.

5) Connect with the experts

If you want to improve and excel in your Facebook marketing, then look up the marketing experts in that specific area, in this case Facebook Marketing, add them as a personal friend and watch them like a hawk, reverse engineer them in everything they do and expect similar results.


I trust this article is of great value to anyone wanting to see instant results in their Facebook Marketing. Put these tips to good use and see great results with Facebook marketing like I did.

Read the original article here…

Some really helpful and practical tips there. It’s all about adding value and creating meaningful relationships. In the end it is the same whatever traffic source you use – you must be real.

If you would like to visit Chiara’s blog to get some more tips then click through here: www.chiarafrancica.com

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