Ideas For Getting Free Traffic

Free website traffic

Free website traffic

Basically there are 2 types of traffic you can get to any website – free traffic and paid traffic. Obviously we want FREE traffic 🙂 It’s costs us our time but no money upfront.


With the google updates getting more and more severe, overdone SEO is probably more or less redundant. Certainly anyone trying to manipulate their rankings will be disappointed when their site is removed by Google!

OK so how do you get traffic to your blog if you don’t rely of the search engines?

1. Blog Commenting

Hmm. Now this takes time and it is easy to be distracted by someone elses blog especially if it is fun or looks cool etc. However this is not the sort of blog commenting that I am used to.

Basically our challenge was to make relevant helpful comments on other peoples blog who are in fact taking this challenge! Huh? From what I understand, Dean wants our blogs to look alive and active.

Let me ask you a question:

If you visit a blog and there are no comments will you be more or less likely to read it and leave a comment yourself?

If you are like me then probably you won’t bother leaving a comment and you will certainly leave the blog quicker than if there had been comments on there to read.

We get drawn in to reading comments! We want a voice and like to add our own bit!

An active blog with lots of comments is more attractive to the reader

Since we are building up a business we want to create the best most attractive blog we can and having comments is a big help.

2. Forum Posting

I admit that I inwardly groaned! I hate forum posting or the concept of it as I associate it with spamming! Obviously I have got the wrong end of the stick and perhaps previously I had been taught it in an unethical way.

For a start there is just one forum that we are to be posting on – the Warrior Forum.

I have been a member of this forum for a few years and it is the most distracting, enticing forum out there if you are looking to make money online! So many promises of making millions with this offer and such like.

Well the idea is that we add comments to threads on the forum – helpful honest comments. In our signature we have a link to our blog (this blog for me) asking people to visit to follow our journey. Straight forward and simple.

Will people visit? If they do and they find lots of activity on the blog then they will stay longer and maybe keep visiting! Well lets find out! I shall let you know my results.

How Do Track Results

In order to find out what people visit your blog and where they have found your blog and been referred to it, you need to add some kind of tracking code to your blog. I recommend using google analytics – I also use this on my other websites.

You will find some people steer away from using google analytics as they think google is then able to spy on them. Well I have always thought – if you have nothing to hide why does it matter if google spies on you? If you are doing everything in an honest ethical manner then you don’t need to be worrying about google!

Focus Focus Focus

So for this weeks task it is to see if blog commenting and leaving posts on the warrior forum will get you traffic. The person with the most traffic wins the 2nd coaching prize!

Obviously some people are working full time while doing this challenge and don’t have as much time as others who aren’t working full time. It therefore seems a little unfair to me. I hope this will be taken this into account when determining the criteria for winning subsequent tasks.

Anyway let’s stay on track and keep focused so let we won’t be distracted while on the warrior forum!

32 Comments on “Ideas For Getting Free Traffic”

  1. Hello Kay,

    You seem to have the tools and dedication, now it’s time to keep it simple and don’t quit before your time comes!

    They say hardest money ever made is the first $100. After that its just rinse and repeat and getting more traffic and more conversions.

    I know you will do well!

    Will Golding

  2. Thanks for dropping by Kay. I also wish you well on your journey. I like your blog design by the way. Keep in touch.

    All the best,

  3. Hi Kay,

    Action is fun. So let’s do this one at a time. Nice content, keep us ipdated with your progress and successes!


  4. Hi Kay

    I enjoyed reading your blog….it made a great read and was easy to follow.
    Hmmmmmm Warior Forum??……Free to join but expensive to be a part of 😉
    I have bought so many shiny objects there, Ive forgotton most of them.


    1. Nicely put Linda! Free but expensive 🙂 lol

      It is easy to forget about products you’ve bought. Thats why having a head start with a coach is great!

      Good luck

  5. Hi Kay, Yeah the warrior forum, lets get into our battle uniform and proceed to the front line! Lol! It’s going to be an interesting journey especially as you said SEO is almost redundant… So, see you in the warrior forum soon…

  6. Nice summary on the Free Traffic Tap!

    I agree with you about the blog commenting! Especially on the Warrior Forum! You must know your purpose when visiting the WF.

    Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see your success!


    1. Thanks Phyllis

      Perhaps a timer would be a good thing to have to stop spending the whole day on the warrior forum!

      Good luck

  7. Hi Kay,
    Nice blog and I’ve found it very helpful. I’m also a member of the Warrior Forum and I quite agree with you, it can be a distraction as it has a lot of helpful info.

    I’m going to continue to push hard and stay focused to achieve my goals, taking action is the hardest at times, so congratulations to all that has taken action.

  8. Hi Kay

    Love the clean fresh style of your blog and how much you share. Good luck and keep focused even when it seems hard.
    Kind regards

  9. Hi Kay,

    It’s great to see that that you started taking massive action.

    Congratulations with your blog, published posts and your about me page, all good stuff here going on!

    Good luck to all of us!


  10. Hi Kay,

    You are right, Warrior Forum is the best resource for Internet Marketers.
    But it should come with warnings like medicine do – it is very addictive, time consuming and distracting.

    I have a rule, if I need something that I know I can find there, I enter the forum search for what I need and quickly close it. Only after I did all my tasks for the day I brows it for fun and to discover new things.

    1. Yes you need to be really disciplined to go there. Time 30 minutes do what you have to do and then stop!

      All the best

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