Help in Finding Traffic Sources

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Here are some ideas to help you find suitable traffic sources for your business. Go through these questions and at the end you should have a better idea on what to do next!

1. Who is your ideal prospect? What can you solve?

In your niche what are the top 3 questions that people ask? e.g.

  • how do I do …
  • how can I get started with …
  • what do I need to do to …
  • when can I …
  • where can I …
  • I’m struggling with …
  • How can I get help with …

Now think about where YOU would go to get the answers. Would you go direct or use search engines? Would you go to one or multiple sites? e.g.

  • forums
  • websites
  • google/bing/yahoo search (search engine)
  • social media
  • facebook
  • linkedIn
  • youtube (search engine)
  • articles
  • blog posts
  • wikipedia
  • subscribe to email
  • kindle

2. What are your current top 3 traffic sources?

Think about where you get your traffic from at the moment. Does this match the first list of traffic sources?

You can improve your traffic if you focus more effort on the traffic that yields the most results. Of course you need to know what result you want! Subscribers, paying customers? social media following? I expect ultimately you will want results that end in profit – paying customers!

So thinking about your existing traffic sources and whether those match the places you would have visited to find the answer, let’s delve in a little deeper to see what you can do yourself.

1. Google – When you go to Google you get ideas of where the answer might be.

  • what website pages come up when you type the question?
  • how can you get involved in the website? (e.g. guest blog post, comments, videos, ads)
  • could you create a site that will show up for this search? (big site – unique quality content)

2. Facebook – What could you do on this platform?

  • you could create a group that has cutting edge content
  • perhaps find other people and invite them to your facebook page
  • remember to give huge value and don’t use it as a place to promote as this will put people off. Send them to your website for this.

3. YouTube

  • create videos showing the help that people are looking for

Master Traffic

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you need to master a traffic source. What works for one person may not work for you so identify your specific traffic source that you enjoy doing AND works. Then really narrow it down to the best performing piece of content with this traffic source. Once you know this, you can use paid traffic to drive more people to that specific bit of content that you know has brought people in and been profitable. Since it is profitable you will know how much money you can spend on the paid traffic to remain in profit.

Keep testing as the best piece of content can change over time as peoples needs change.

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