How to Get Traffic to Your Kindle Books

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website trafficI received an email from a subscriber recently asking me about traffic generation and in particular traffic to kindle books.

I sent a reply and decided that I would turn it into a blog post as I’m sure there are others who would find this information helpful.

When thinking about traffic generation the very first thing you need to ask yourself is “where do I want to send any visitors to?”

Are you wanting visitors to visit your website, blog, squeeze page, social media accounts, kindle books, etc. What is the purpose of this traffic?

In this specific example I shall assume that the purpose is to get visibility of your kindle books and ultimately to make more book sales.

To make it really easy for online visitors (who are generally lazy!) make sure that your destination page is within as few clicks away as possible. This means that if you want visitors to see your kindle books then there is no point in sending them to your website first and then from there to your book on amazon. Send them straight to amazon.

WHAT!? 🙂

Yes I know, usually I would never recommend sending traffic away to a website you didn’t actually own because a priority should be to build your email list and capture any traffic for yourself but in this example it’s different.

However, I strongly suggest that you have a way to build your email list within your kindle book. If you are just starting out and don’t yet have anything in place for list building then come back and edit your kindle book at a later date to include it.

Sending Traffic to Your Author Page

If you want to send traffic to your amazon books then you really should set up an author page and send traffic there. By doing this you enable visitors to learn a little more about you and your books. As you publish more books visitors will automatically see these when they visit your author page.

I have written a post on how to set up an author page on amazon if you don’t already have one.

That is the first step.

Using Google Search

The next thing I would recommend is performing a search in Google pretending that YOU are looking for information about your books. What would you type in if you needed the help that your book or topic solved?

Take a look at the websites that show up. Are there any sites that you could engage with?

For example:

  • a blog that you could add a meaningful comment to? (and add the link to your author page)
  • a forum that you could join?
  • a facebook group?
  • an article site that you could write articles on?

Any of these sites that you get visibility on will result in targeted traffic (interested people) because these are the exact sites your ideal customers are visiting when they perform a search.

If you have a blog that you update regularly then eventually you will obtain visitors directly through the search engines but when starting out you really need to rely on websites that already get the traffic and therefore get visibility on those sites.

There is of course a lot more to traffic than this and you’ll need to use different strategies depending on your own goals but this is a great starting point.

I’ve written a couple of kindle books about traffic generation. One goes into depth about how to use content to drive lots of traffic and the types of content that provide the best quality traffic.

The other book is more to do with how you go about developing and optimizing website traffic thus improving your conversion from just visitor to subscriber and ultimately customer.

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