Ideas On Where To Put Content Online

It is becoming more and more clear that content really is the best way to build massive exposure online. If you have content all over the internet then people will be able to find you in lots of different places.

If people see you all over the internet what message does that send? You must be an expert – you must be someone worth finding out more about!

Should You Outsource Content Creation?

The reason why only the top marketers have this kind of presence is because it takes an awful lot of time and effort to get that kind of exposure. If you have lots of money available then you could pay to outsource your content.

However, who knows your subject more than you do? The problem with outsourcing content is that you would need to find another expert and pay big time to get them to produce content that is good enough and fits in with your own expertise.

Therefore it is best if you create the original content yourself and then you can outsource the content leverage part. For example, turning your audio into written format or creating a power point presentation from your audio and transcription.

It is best to do this yourself to begin with so that you know exactly how to do it so that you can give specific instructions when you come to outsource the task.

If you enjoy doing it yourself (like I do!) then that’s fine too. It might take longer but if you enjoy the journey why not take it!

Ideas For Where To Put Your Content Online

So where can you put your content? And in what format?

Here are some ideas:

  • on your own website as blog posts or articles
  • an ebook that people can download – your site and sharing sites
  • a white paper (more like a report) that can be downloaded – your site and sharing sites
  • articles on other high traffic websites – article directories, guest posts
  • how to guides that can be downloaded – your site and sharing sites
  • forum posts
  • commenting on other sites
  • webinars or presentations for people to attend (live or recorded)
  • social media updates – google+, twitter, facebook, instagram

The thing about getting your content on lots of places around the internet is that it means you won’t need to rely on Google to provide you with traffic. You’re not relying on search traffic alone.

Therefore when you write your content you should be focused on writing what your prospects want – write for your audience not the search engines!

Then put your content where your ideal audience is likely to see it! Find out the sites that they are already visiting and try to become visible there as well.

If you don’t know what sites these are then put yourself in their shoes.

Do a search for the types of phrases that you would need to use to find the information that you would be looking for (in other words the information that you know you can provide help with). See what sites come up in the search results and see if there is any way that you can add your own content on them.

It might take you some time to do this but it will be worth it in the long term. The most obvious place to start is to look at the forums in your niche but because it is obvious you will get more competition there so try finding other sites that are less obvious.

content marketing

  • Decide how much time you will allocate to creating content each day – maybe 30 minutes.
  • Develop a habit of writing every day.
  • Find some websites that you can add your content on – sites that your target market are also visiting.
  • Add at least one piece of content to a website each day – whether your own or another.
  • Decide how you will re purpose your content – podcasts, slides, videos, etc.
  • Make a plan to add your content to sharing sites (slide share, you tube, scribd)
  • Update your social media sites with any new content you add.

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