The Most Popular Types Of Content For Marketing Purposes

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I was reading an interesting article the other day about the trends of content marketing online and what types of content businesses are using in order to market themselves.

First of all let me state that content marketing for generating traffic and leads is a great way to build relationships with people straight away and therefore it is one of the best ways for obtaining quality leads for your online business.

Basically content marketing is where you create some content (written, audio, video, etc) and you submit to a web site online for the purpose of generating traffic and marketing your business.

Content Marketing: Top Sources For Marketing

If you go to slide No. 5 above you will see the results.
Here are the top 8 (out of 26) types of marketing content:
1. Articles on your own web site
2. Social media sites (not blogs)
3. eNewsletters
4. Case Studies
5. Blogs
6. In person
7. Articles on other web sites
8. Video
But if you go to slide No. 6 then you will see the results in terms of the most effective content sources.
There’s not really a lot in it – but in person events scored very highly and you would expect it to. Marketing is really about building relationship. It is far easier to do this in person!

What Can We Learn From This?

Basically content marketing is becoming more and more popular. So building relationships with people is still the best way to market and communicate your product and service.

Can we do this online? Yes, by submitting content. When someone reads an article you have written for example, they can begin to connect with your style and the way that you communicate. The same is true for any type of content you create.

I think it is true to say that more and more people are wanting personal assistance. As things become more focused on virtual, digital technology we are lacking real live contact.

It is therefore more important than ever to provide your subscribers and visitors with a more personal touch. We all hate call centers, well isn’t a support desk like a call center? You just can’t get to speak to the person you really want to.

If you can provide a real person experience for your visitors and subscribers then you will stand out from the crowd!

action steps

1. What type of content marketing will you use?
2. What will appeal most to your audience?
3. Are you committed to providing a real person experience for your customers? How?
4.  How will you monitor you results?

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